Thank You to all our supporters who attended our 2021 Fundraiser, and those who supported yet couldn’t attend.




Also a Big Thanks to our sponsors who's support helped us put on the event.


The Condor Squadron Mission Statement:

“To Honor Military Aviation through Flight, Exhibition, and Remembrance.”


The Condor Squadron Officer’s and Airmen’s Association is a unique non-profit organization founded in 1965 by a group of WWII fighter pilots, preserving a piece of aviation history that played an important part in securing the freedoms we cherish as a nation.

We proudly fly WWII, North American AT-6 airplanes in formation over parades, memorial services and events commemorating veterans.



We raised close to $21,000 towards a new engine. 


Every time you look up and see us in the sky, be proud of the fact you helped 'keep 'em flyin'

The Condor Squadron maintains museum sites at the Van Nuys airport and the Portal of The Folded Wings Shrine to Aviation at the Valhalla Cemetery in Burbank.  In addition to the museums, the Condor Squadron provides community services such our annual Easter Egg Hunt and visits from aviation and historical enthusiasts who frequent the airport.


Call:  818.997.8472


Email:  for more information.


VFW 8310
VFW 8310