Pearl Harbor Memorial 2014

The Condors coat Santa Paula in flour.


Some nice shots of the 2014 Pearl Harbor Memorial Flight and Bombing taken by Matt Poletto.

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Reno Air Races 2014

Race 14 & Race 42 are at it again!

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Memorial Day 2014


We shall never forget...

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Easter 2014 at the Condor Squadron

Colored Eggs all ready for the Hunt!

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Condor 2014 Fundraiser

A photo gallery from our 2014 Fundraiser where we honored veterans of WWII.

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WWII pilot celebrates her 100th Birthday at the Condors

WWII pilot Jeri Truesdell celebrated her 100th Birthday at the Condors.


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WASP's Return to the Air

On New Years Eve, the Women Air Service Pilots Visited the Condor Squadron.


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LA Times Story on the Condors

The LA Times wrote a great article on the Condor Squadron. 


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Reno Air Races 2013

Some photos and videos from the 2013 Reno Air Races.

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2013 Condor Fundraiser

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our 4th annual fundraiser on Saturday April 20th, at the Airtel in Van Nuys, CA.

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Angels Home Opener 2013

Angels Stadium April 9, 2013
Angels Stadium April 9, 2013

The Condors get called up...


When the Angels were told the military could not provide a fly over for opening day due to the current budget sequestration, they called upon the Condor Squadron to do the job. 



Dick Sykes would have been very proud of our performance.

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Easter 2013 at the Condor Squadron

Hello Easter Bunny!
Hello Easter Bunny!

The Bunny's Back in Town!


Another successful Easter at the Condor Squadron. 


We had prizes, toys, candy, airplanes, a helicopter, hot dogs, firetrucks, a visit from a Mustang and the Easter Bunny. 


What a day!!!

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Pearl Harbor Memorial Flour Bombing 2012

Santa Paula Arrival
Santa Paula Arrival

The Results are in! 


Never before, a tie for first and a tie for second.  Pilot Chris Rushing and bombadier Scott Carleton tied with pilot Rob Sandberg and bombadier Ed Conahan with 23 points each.  Both teams managed a hit worth 10 points + a hit worth 7 points + 2 skip-ins worth 3 points each.  In second place, pilot Carter Clark and bombadier Matt Fowle managed a 10 point hit and a skip-in, as did pilot Will Kalbermatter and his rookie bombadier Mazi Sarahang.  In fact, Will and Mazi hit direct center, but there are no additional points for a bulls eye. 


Perhaps we will see some rule changes for 2013!


Click here to see the KTLA news segment on the memorial portion of the flight.  Pictures will be posted soon.


Thanks to all those who participated and a special thanks to Mark King and the FAA for making this event possible.

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